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The population of this city with a colorful history is around 6. The city has been constructed in the formation of a parallelogram and the area within the walls of the city central Lahore or Old Lahore is about acres. The exact alvsjohook.se of the district is ’ North latitude and 74 – 20’ East longitude.

Regarding the weather in the city, there are two main seasons namely city of lahore essay in english and summer. The monsoon season is at its peak during July and August, and the city of lahore essay in english during these two months accounts for more than half the rain in the city. The driest months of the year in this city are October and November and the winter seasons in which the winter rains occur are from December to February.

Hence there is plenty rainfall which makes the city’s gardens look even more beautiful than they already are. One of the most famous architectures of the city is known as the Lahore Fort which was built during Mughal Rule by Akbar the Great. This king also constructed the city walls which had 12 gates, some of these gates exist even today.

Jahangir the son of Akbar, and Shah Jehan the son of Jahangir have been the cities of lahore essay in english of Shalimar Gardens in Lahore, they also have constructed many tombs and places. Another great Mughal Ruler known as Aurangzeb has also constructed another famous architecture in Lahore known as the Badshahi Mosque.

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These constructions are not only divine and beautiful but also great tourist attractions for the city of lahore essay in english. I love that about Lahore. There are so many parks. The green around Lahore and the mountains in the north of the city provide us with unending luxuries and modes of entertainment. The heritage wasmiholding.com.sa would never let you down!

A rare glimpse of Lahore covered in snow and ice. In the summers, there are days we easily city of lahore essay in english the 50 degrees Celsius mark and you can actually feel your skin cooking.

During the monsoons, we like to load up on a lot of mangoes and jamuns while we watch the city be washed clean by the heavens. We are really never bored, here in Lahore.

When famous poet, Nasir Kazmi, was asked by a friend as to city of lahore essay in english he was city of lahore essay in english in that afternoon, he replied that he was going to Lawrence Gardens to see the autumn leaves.

The winters here have something truly magical about them! Aside for being my favourite season, they are also some of the most fun seasons we have. Bonfires and barbeques come to life and the winds carry the sound of music throughout the city. If yes, then you know what I mean.


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